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Years into the future , a catastrophe has hit Earth , an infectious disease has brought the planet to it’s knees. Only 10% of the human population is estimated to be left. Those who were still healthy were immediately sent to shelters. But conditions kept becoming worse. So bad that they sent the healthiest away. Away to an other world. 

Thanks to the advanced technology, It takes only seven months to get to the planet Ejderha, during this time , everyone on board the ships are not to have any interaction with each other. The passengers all stay in small plain, apartments with a kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and bedroom. The t.v in the bedrooms broadcasted news daily. Every so often ,The passengers receive post filled with clothes and other essential things.

The planet Ejderha is nearly identical to Earth. A more untouched and natural form. The animals are mostly similar in looks and behavior. But there is one big difference - Dragons.

The planet inhabits the creature that The people of Earth had been dreaming about all throughout history. No one quite knows if they are dangerous or not, so the major corporations and people who founded this escape program decided to take no risks.

They created massive transparent bio-domes to protect the small towns and villages that are being built. They are building a giant research lab to try to find a cure for what had happened back home, along with plenty of farmland and a small police station.

In one particular bio-dome is the “resort”. A place where the people from earth can live and thrive. The completion of the town and villages will take years to do , so The new humans of Ejderha have time to make relationships and get used to their new planet.

 Along with  new world, we needed a new leader : the “Ejder”. 

The Ejder was chosen very quickly, The title is said to have been given to a bright young woman. No one knows of her true identity due to her always wearing a dragon-like mask and cape. It’s said that she is wearing this so nobody can recognize her when she is walking around with normal attire and without a mask.  

As this is a new planet , this is a chance to re-new our faulty society. To out-rule discrimination of race, gender and sexuality. Which is the silver lining of this whole catastrophe. 

Ultimately , The whole of humanity rests on the shoulders of these Humans. The connections they create with one another will decide on whether we all live or die.  So please, do what you can. 

Because only you can decide.

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